Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three's a Charm and Four is...


No way!

We have a new baby in the house!!! Well, at least for 4 days out of the week.

I am currently babysitting a 12 week old baby boy named Joey and he is the cutest, sweetest thing! He is so tiny next to Joaquin. All of a sudden my baby boy looks HUGE! Joey also happens to be blessed with a little something extra so it's my privilege and pleasure to help raise him while his mom and dad are working. I hope this is the beginning of a life long friendship for Joaquin and for our families.

It has been a really smooth transition so far and the boys love little "Joe-Joe." When Diego wakes up in the morning, he searches the house to see if the baby is here yet. Mateo said he loved him today. Joaquin is mesmerized by him. I will say the biggest challenge is loading and unloading the car, thank goodness I have a minivan!

We look forward to watching baby Joey grow and develop and thrive. He's ADORABLE. Check out his huge eyes! He's so inquisitive and alert. He's even rolled from his belly to back for me on his first day here and it looks like he is ready to roll from his back to his belly next. Go Joey!!!!!

I was secretly hoping that by taking care of Joey that my urge for more babies would be cured. I'm afraid not! Going from 3 to 4 boys is not so bad! Bring it on!.....No worries Hector....I'm all talk!


  1. Darling boy. How sweet of you to do that. As for the baby bug... 4 is only tougher than 3 in the early months. But after 3, you can handle anything :-)

  2. What a little sweetie pie!! ...and what a treasure they found in you as a sitter Jennifer! :)

    By your post title I thought for sure you were announcing you were pregnant!! :)

  3. so happy things are working out well with watching baby Joey! he is adorable!!! sorry to hear it isn't quite helping with your baby fix :) i hope things continue to go this well with 4 boys!!!!!!

  4. OMG...Jennifer, he is so adorable! I am very jealous of you right now! It must be nice to have another baby in the house. Lillian is such a big girl now...Bobby too has nixed the idea of having another!

  5. What a cute, cute baby! And how sweet (and ambitious) of you to be taking care of Joey with your already very busy schedule. You're amazing.

  6. oh my goodness, my heart stopped for a minute...I totally thought you were going to say you were pregnant, lol!

    He is SOOOO sweet!

  7. How cute can that baby be? And he doesn't even wake you at night! You've got the best parts!

    And congrats on the straw drinking--that is terrific!