Saturday, April 10, 2010

A VERY Special Afghan

A few weeks ago, I posted about An Afghan of Her Own and was looking forward to getting Sofia's very own blanket around mid May in time for her homecoming.

Today, I attended a play group at our local park with some of my FAVORITE mamas and kiddos. It was our last playdate B.S. (an abbreviation of "Before Sofia"). It was a pretty chilly and overcast day but people still made it out to the park to play. You see all these babies and toddlers share a VERY special chromosome in common and I just love them and love our little rainbow quilt that we always use when we get together.

Midway through our playdate I was presented with the most amazing surprise. One that is so special for so many reasons. I swear I belong to the BEST mom's group ever...

An Afghan for Sofia...a handmade rainbow blanket for our little Reece's Rainbow orphan who has a future filled with hope, love and friends.

Each of Sofia's friends chose a color to "give" her and contribute to her afghan...

Gabby chose PINK because she's a girlie-girl and thinks Sofia will love it just as much as she does!

Delilah Rose chose RED because it is the color of love and because Sofia's birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, the holiday of love, and because Delilah LOVES Sofia.

Eva T. chose ORANGE because it's warm and cheerful like sunshine.

Kassidy chose YELLOW because it symbolizes joy and happiness.

Sheridan chose GREEN & DARK GREEN because they are the colors of nature and symbolize growth, hope, harmony, safety and it's said to have great healing power and suggest stability and endurance. All the things we want for Sofia...Oh yeah, and he looks good in green!

Joey chose LIGHT BLUE because it's definitely his signature color.

Christian chose DARK BLUE because it is strong, stable, masculine and it's also a calming color that will comfort Sofia on her travels home.

Malea chose TURQUOISE because it is the color of the water in which she loves to play.

Christopher chose BLUE because it's the color of Sofia and Christopher's eyes.

Gracie chose LAVENDER because Lavender = lavare "to wash" which is Gracie's favorite time...bath time! Grace's birthflower is Aster which are the most beautiful shade of lavender and are symbols of love, faith, wisdom, valor, and light...just right for Sofia and Gracie.

Cody chose PURPLE because "po-pull" is his favorite color and is the color of royalty so it is fit for a Princess!

Eva G. chose BROWN because of it's warmth, life and honesty and because it's always been a color that reminds Eva's mom of home...where we are bringing Sofia.

CJ & Emmalee chose SILVER because every cloud has a silver lining!

John Michael chose WHITE for purity and grace and the color white ties all the other colors together.

So guess what I'm packing in my carry on so I have something to keep me warm and cozy on the plane ride and then I'll have a blanket for Hector and I to wrap Sofia in at the orphanage and play on when we do floor time. Oh it gives me goosebumps still to think that we will have something for Sofia that represents so many amazing, wonderful friends waiting for her at home.

THANK YOU so very much for this very special gift!


  1. You are amazing and you have the best friends ever with the most amazing babies! I know the Good Lord shines down on each one of you everyday! He smiles because He is admiring Hisown handiwork!

    beautiful afghan by the way! :)

    Blessings from Anne!

  2. Don't forget... John Michael chose white for purity and grace and the color white ties all the other colors together :-)

  3. Aaaah.....I'd love to offer some deep meaningful comment about this, but all I can do is gush over that first picture. I don't think I've ever seen so many adorable babies together in one photo before, you've truly made my day. Thank you!

  4. So beautiful!!! What a lovely community Sophia is coming home to!

  5. Have I told you enough yet how thankful I am that your family is adopting Sofia???!!! I can tell that she is just going to be surrounded by the most amazing family with the most amazing friends. We have her little postcard taped to our kitchen cabinet and every time I walked past it, I am so thankful that she will be home with you soon!!! I just feel like such a weight was taken off of my heart when your family committed to her as I had worried about her for so long!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  6. I read your article last night in the Kidaround magazine. Congratulations on your adoption!! Sofia is beautiful!! We adopted a daughter with a cleft lip from China almost 2 years ago. It is an incredible experience. I will be following along from Elk Grove!!

  7. How wonderful! What an amazing group of friends you have! Sophia will LOVE this gift!

  8. I loved reading everyones descriptions of their colors...that is so special! Now make sure to sleep with it every night before you leave so your scent is ALL over it when you wrap Sofia up in it!! <3


  10. Hi there, we have just committed to baby Joy. I've never been more excited and scared at the same time. I'm wondering how you did all of your fundraising. I'm the worlds worst fundraiser and the only idea I have so far is our online auction. Any ideas of what you did would be greatly appreciated.
    And I'm so excited that your getting so close. Ours should go pretty fast because we already have our home study done. Thanks again. Lacey
    Oh my email is

  11. This is my favorite post of yours so far. What a beautiful blanket with so much meaning. I've been following your journey to Sofia before it even became 'yours'. (from RR boards) Sofia is already loved and cherished by so many people. I'm rooting for y'all and I'm praying for everything to go smoothly, even if it seems like some people aren't on your side. *hugs*

  12. I wish Cody and I could have been present at the playdate and see you receive the afghan. You are constantly in our thoughts and we cannot wait to meet Sofia!!!! MUCH LOVE AND HUGS! Cody and Michelle

  13. The blanket is beautiful and you have a wonderful group of friends!