Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hard News

We just got a call from Marina. Our interpol clearance is still not here, we got the toughest judge in our region and our court date is May 13th...trying hard not to cry. This is the worst case scenario coming true. All we can do is pray interpol comes tomorrow and that the judge moves our court date up. Praying.


  1. I'm sorry it has turned out this way. I know you're missing your boys...and when they're sick you miss them more! But God is providing extra time with Sofia so she can feel love too. I'm sure it doesn't make the blow any better--I can't imagine being where you are. I will pray for you as soon as I'm done with this message!!! Comfort, guidance, healing for your boys, pleasure with Sofia ;)

  2. Oh no!
    Send the judge some of the photos you've made so far... And some pictures of your boys... Noone can be tough enough for not giving you the opportunity to get together as soon as possible....

  3. Oh no!! At the very least hopefully they'll wave the 10 day waiting period!! I really hope that that clearance will come soon. Is it possible that when it does you can get a different judge and court date???

  4. Oh Jennifer & Hector, I am so so so sorry to read about your news regarding the judge/court date and interpol clearance! You have LOTS of people sending prayers that interpol clearance arrives very quickly and the court date gets moved up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so sorry for the frusterating news! I don't really know what to say except that we are all here praying with you!

  6. Oh Jen...
    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    ((Big Hugs))

  7. So sorry! We will continue to pray. Does this mean that you and Hector both will have to stay for another 2 weeks or will you come home and go back or split?

    Stay strong and know that in the end, the Lord has a plan for keeping you there a bit longer.

  8. So sorry. Hang in there!!!!!

    Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
    Matthew 11:28-30



  9. Oh my... I will keep you guys in prayer. I remember my time there, it was hard, very hard. Such an emotional rollar coaster, it is exhausting. I remember trying to not think of my kids back home because it hurt too much. What a good friend of mine told me when I called her during a "crisis" moment I had there was , your kids are fine back home, they are being taken care of and loved on. Everything is ok and will be there when you get back. Keep focused on the ultimate goal, bringing that precious baby home that does not know love, home or family. It really helped me to regain focus. Try and spend more time with God than you ever have before, recapture your love for your husband and do take those naps!!!
    It was soo hard for us to go out and be tourist, but I do think it was good for us to do it. You guys are amazing and I truely believe God is shining down on you and your family. Will pray that the judge has an open and soft heart and that your interpol finds its way to SDA. Hugs and prayers!!!LeaAnn

  10. Rats! Keeping you in our prayers. So Sorry! What a roller coaster ride.

  11. I'm so sorry, Jen & Hector. I'm praying for you and your whole family. Need another God breeze...

  12. Sorry to hear about this bump in the road:( Keep your head up and your eye on the prize:) You will all be in the comfort of your own home soon! Fingers crossed that things will move quickly!!

  13. Ugh, sorry!
    I KNOW what it is like to be there and get news you DON'T want to get. It happened to us several times and we ended up coming home w/o our son.

    Not easy to take, BUT and that's a big BUT, there is always that HOPE at the end of the tunnel. You WILL endure, she WILL come home with you, she WILL be your daughter. No matter what the timeline.
    But I know it stinks and throw's a wrench into your plans....but what is the saying "God laughs when we make our plans" or something like that.

    Try to keep your chin up and stay focused on the the LONG run, 2-3 weeks isn't much time at all.

    Atleast you have wonderful weather...we spent a month there in below zero to about 20 degree weather and then got the bad news that court wasn't going to happen.

    Praying for a positive change for you, a sooner court date and a NICE judge!
    But if that change doesn't happen, then praying for you and Hector to stay positive and enjoy your experience there!


  14. Praying for you guys!!! I can't even imagine how difficult this news must be to hear. But try and stay positive and keep focused on the end result...being home as a family with all 4 of your kids! Hang in there...sending lots of love your way. :)

  15. Jennifer, Hector, I am so sorry to hear that news. I don't know what to say. Hoping that somehow things will change and everyting will happen sooner. And, yes, absolutely, your boys are in very, very good hands. I can't imagine how much you must miss them. Everyone is sending extra love and prayers.

  16. Jennifer & Hector

    Stay Strong...

  17. I"m so sorry for you guys! We're experiencing delays here in the States that have made for a very disappointing and frustrating week but I know it's nothing compared to the delays you're deling with in country and away from your boys. I'll keep praying!!!


  18. keep the faith, don't give up, and focus on the ultimate goal. think of the strong positive example you're teaching ur boys (and sofia) of not giving up no matter what. :)

  19. Well I suppose if one searches for a silver lining in this dark cloud, the later court date grants more time for that Interpol clearance to show up, and it gives you some more time with Sofia in the short term. Is there any way to track where the clearance is stuck? I will continue to pray for you that everything works out - sooner, rather than later, would be nice - but works out okay regardless. Tough judge or not, you've got your ducks in a row and Sofia WILL be your baby (officially) soon. Hang in there. Waiting is so hard, I'm sure. If patience is a virtue, you two will be as virtuous as they come by then end of it! Sending you much love and many hugs from back home.

  20. So sorry to hear that! Will pray that the court date can be moved up!!!!!!

  21. Oh no! As above!
    There things are sent to try us as my Mum always says with things are not going to plan, sorry not much help I know. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs from NZ

  22. augh. I am in tears over here just catching up on your blog. I hope that this resolves quickly so you can get back to your family!

  23. Really push Serge and Marina and ask them directly if there is anything at all that they (or you) can do additionally, beyond what has already been done, to improve your time lines and eliminate obstacles. It may be tough in the region depending on the relationships with the judge and local officials, but there is a "Ukrainian way" of getting things done that's different that what we see in the states. The relationships go a long way and do make a difference.

    What was your time line expectation when you arrived in Ukraine?

    Hang in there!

  24. I am so sorry! Mark and I will keep praying. My heart is broke for you guys. It will be worth it in the end. You are saving a little life. Tie a knot at the end of your rope and keep haning on! So many people are praying for you and your boys at home.

    Bless you,

  25. I am so sorry, this just stinks!
    Tough decisions coming up as you have to decide weather you stay or come home. hugs!