Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Alina!

We had the absolute joy and pleasure of meeting Chris and Lisa and their newly adopted daughter Alina!

Lisa who authors Bridget's Light and Loving Alina was instrumental in helping me throughout this entire adoption process (behind the scenes) as one of our biggest cheerleaders. She knew about my secret desire to adopt Sofia before I think I even knew!

We met them at their apartment in Kiev last night just a few hours after we landed. What a joy it was to meet Alina who looked right at home with her new parents and was just as curious and inquisitive as a 3 year should be. LOVED her!

Chris and Lisa had a SPEEDY adoption process here in Ukraine and we are certainly hoping to follow in their footsteps. They are set to leave tonight (after a slight delay due to the darn volcano!!) and we wish them a safe and uneventful trip home and a wonderful new life with Alina!


  1. Wow!! That is SO wonderful that you got to meet each other!! AW : )

  2. So awesome you got to meet - Lisa mentioned that she hoped to meet up with you. Awesome!

  3. VERY cool! I couldn't comment on the preveious post but just wanted to mention how COOL those pictures are! What beautiful buildings!