Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saving Sofia Wristbands

Our friend and neighbor Stuart owns a company that makes and distributes awareness bands. He had these bands made for us to help with our fundraising. They are officially available for ANY donation amount. Let me know if you'd like one! Thank you again Stu!

Aren't they darling?!?


  1. Very cute bracelets. You are the fund-raiser QUEEN my dear!!! I hope these will bring in lots of donations for your sweet Sofia!!!


  2. Love these...does the fact that I just donated count or do I need to donate again?? (you know I probably will in the near future)

  3. Wow... check out all the support you are getting! That is fantastic! They are darling!

  4. Super cute. Great design. How lucky to have him as a neighbor friend.

  5. Good luck selling these!

    I BOUGHT 300 of them to fundraise for our adoption (they say "Touched by Adoption")...think I have 295 still, except for the 50 that were sent to a friend in Illinois who promised to sell them, never got the money or the bracelets back!... that didn't go so well.

    I hope you do much better!