Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guardian Angel

I truly believe that Sofia is being watched over by her Great Grandmother Esther, her own personal guardian angel.

Since our decision to adopt Sofia, we have been overwhelmed with the generosity and love from friends, family and complete strangers. God is ever present in this experience and we are certain that there is something larger than us at play here and we are just so happy to be on this journey.

It's so hard to describe in words but we are overwhelmed with emotion almost daily. It's so hard to imagine but we love Sofia as our own. She is our daughter and we can't wait to meet her, hold her, tell her she is loved and bring her home.

We got word this past week that we will most likely be traveling in mid to late April for our first visit. Both Hector and I will go for about 3 weeks. We will return for about 10 days and then one or both of us will return again for 10-14 days to finish up the adoption and bring Sofia home.

It is my personal hope and prayer that we will have Sofia home by late May. It will be the hardest thing we have EVER done to leave our 3 boys for that length of time here at home but we know this is something we have to do for Sofia.

We ask you all for your prayers at this time. That we continue to successfully fundraise so that there are no financial concerns and that our adoption process continues to go smooth and fast so that this precious baby girl can get the family, home and help that she needs to reach her full potential.

We are so blessed.


  1. I can't believe how quickly this process seems to have gone for you guys!! You must be amazingly good with paperwork!! I can't wait for you to get there and April is not that far away at all!!! I just ordered some bracelets and am looking forward to wearing them and sharing them with my family. Hurry home Sophia!!!

  2. Oh, I will be praying! She's beautiful, as are all of your children. I know how hard it is to leave the others behind. I used to love going to the Institutes twice a year, except for the part where we had to leave our other children behind for the week. But to travel so far away, to another country...yes, that will be so hard for you. I will be praying for a safe trip, and for the paperwork, etc, to be processed super-quick so that your family can be together ASAP! God bless you all :)

  3. Sending prayers and love your way!

  4. Loads of prayers headed your way!

  5. I am SO EXCITED to hear that you will be going to meet Sofia so soon and that very soon after returning to the U.S. one or both of you will go back to finalize the adoption and bring sofia home - will you be able to bring a laptop so you can "skype" with your boys while you are in the Ukraine? SO SO HAPPY for you guys!!!

  6. Yes, the being away from the family is now looming on us as well. However, we may end up taking them with us which would solve a few problems and perhaps create a few new ones. ha ha BUT, the end result will be soo worth it. Sofia is such a doll baby!!!


  7. This is an amazing journey to watch you go through, Jennifer. And to think you'll have a child BEFORE me. I've got to wait 9 months LOL and get huge in the process.