Monday, August 27, 2012

A Family Snapshot in Time

It's been WAY too long since I've posted on our family blog. Life as a family of six is so very busy! Here is a photo of our family taken at Diego's First Holy Communion this year and I also promise to be more active now that all four kids are in school!

Hector and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this May. Diego is 9 years old and just started 4th grade. Mateo is 7 years old and just started 2nd grade. Joaquin is now 4 years old and in 5 days a week of preschool and Sofia is 3 years old and in 4 days a week of preschool. We also have two amazing Australian Labradoodle babies Rocco 10 months old and Lulu 8 months old!

A Touching Note

I received one of the most beautiful notes today that I think I have ever received. I just have to share, it's too beautiful to keep to myself.

Hi Jennifer!

I just got finished looking and reading all your beautiful pictures and stories...I am in tears. What a blessing you are and have been given to your beautiful family.  I have to say that there is a transfixing beauty in your most precious little Sofia that melts my heart.  The Angel in the sky is Our Lord coming to you and yet you are the angel.

Allow me to pass on to you something, something that is not mine to hoard.  After bringing our little Raquel home from the hospital (she was in the NICU Unit for 17 days after being born) I was so grateful for her yet I wondered why?  Why did God give her to us? To me? I had expressed this (amongst other things) to our priest and soon after was given a vision.  There is no doubt that this was the result of not only my prayer but His beloved priests as well.  In this vision (not a dream) God and I were walking together hand in hand and I was on His right.  I was looking at Him and suddenly His Heart turned into hundreds of beautiful butterflies that swirled around Him. Some sparkled, some were glowing and even iridescent but all were so beautiful!  Then God filled me with the knowledge that all Down Syndrome souls are from His Heart.  He told me that because I had given Him my heart (I had given Him through an incredible sacrifice, my life, just before we conceived her) that He wanted to give me a piece of His.  At that moment He extended His index finger towards me and one of the most beautiful sparkly butterflies landed on it.  He then gave her to me and smiled.  I came out of the vision at that moment and was filled with the most peaceful, calm feeling and it has never left me (about her).  This story is yours too....God has given you two pieces of his heart.
Even more blessings to you and your family,