Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Buzz Time

Every summer I BUZZ the's so hot in Sacramento and I secretly wish I could do the same with my own hair. We even got Diego and Mateo's best buddy Chandler in on the action!

Best of all, check out Joaquin's straight eyes. The surgery was a success with only some residual "outward" turning of his right eye when he is tired which should correct itself in time. That eye was probably overcorrected during surgery but it's minor at this point. His vision remains excellent so no need for glasses. It was interesting that Dr. O'Hara relayed to me during our post op appointment that they have done psychological research on how people perceive eyes. When people see a strabismus (cross eyes or a turning in of the eyes), people immediately assume the individual is not fact she used the word "dumb". For eyes that turn outward or are straight, that assumption is not made. Interesting? Anyway, this is sometimes why people push for the surgery to straighten the eyes. This wasn't our primary reason for doing the surgery. Our primary reason was based on Dr. O'Hara's recommendation that Joaquin was a good candidate and that he could have improved depth perception. But I will admit that the secondary reason for having it done was for social acceptance and cosmetic reasons. Whatever the reason, the surgery worked and Joaquin recovered beautifully and we have no regrets.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Annual Checkup!

It was time for our annual check-up and we are happy to report that we are growing and thriving! Only 3 pounds separates the two of us (despite being almost exactly one year apart!) so we are often mistaken for twins. We LOVE each other so very much and get into constant trouble around the house! Thank goodness one of us is in school almost every day otherwise mama would be going crazy by now chasing and cleaning up after the two of us.

Mama says she PROMISES to be better about posting! Life sure is busy with 4 rambunctious and very busy kiddos! Having three boys ages 8, 6 and 3 is a handful and add one feisty 2 year old princess and well...we have a FULL house.

Check back in again soon! So many new things going on with the Sanchez Six (yes...mama and papa round us out to 6 silly Sanchez family members!)