Saturday, October 23, 2010

God Works in AMAZING Ways...

My new friends Mark and Hansina are currently in Ukraine adopting their new son Liam.  This is a local family to us that decided to adopt a child from Reece's Rainbow as a result of our journey to save Sofia. This is a beautiful family that does not have a child with DS but decided that they would love to adopt a child with DS...I find this absolutely amazing and so incredibly wonderful!

Liam and his new Big Sister Madison
Hansina contacted me earlier this week with some fears and concerns about little baby Liam's health. Since she is not familiar with having a child with DS, I can imagine how scary it must have been to meet him and hear that he has some health issues. Adopting a child oversees can be scary enough let alone a child who comes with a set of "issues." God knows Hector and I were scared, knowing very well what we were getting into with adopting Sofia, and we were almost paralyzed by the fear after the long travel, stress of being in a foreign country and having absolutely NO CONTROL over any of the process of the adoption. It would have been so easy for us to turn around and run home.

So, when Hansina contacted me with her fears, I felt extremely obligated to help ease her mind and offer her the support and care that I could thousands of miles away and through email. One of the health concerns that Liam has is cataracts in both eyes. Sounded scary to me. I don't know anything about it. I don't know any child with DS (or otherwise) who has cataracts and I simply did not know what to tell her. I did get her the names of two excellent eye doctors in town and thought this might be the only thing I could do.  I was so anxious about it and couldn't stop thinking about her and Liam.

Well...God had different plans. Last week, just two days after getting Hansina's email about Liam, I had a follow up appointment with our eye doctor for Sofia's tear duct surgery. While in the waiting room, I saw the most beautiful, active, curious and lovable little boy with DS. He was about 3 1/2 years old and was just a joy to watch. His eyes looked perfect and gorgeous and I wondered why he was at the opthomologist's office. I felt something move me to initiate a conversation with the mom and dad (and got a sweet hug from their boy as a result) and I asked them why they were at the office. I'm not usually so bold or "nosey" but again I just felt moved to ask them. I was so curious.

Lo and behold, the mom told me that they were there for their son's follow up appointment. He had double cataract surgery a month ago. She went on to tell me that the surgery was very simple. The healing was quick and their son can see perfectly. WOW. WOW. WOW. I got chills. I had exactly what I needed to tell Hensina. Thank you God!

God works in mysterious ways but I'm beginning to think that He knows EXACTLY what He is doing.


  1. God does work in mysterious ways! Praying that Liam will be in his forever home...happy & healthy soon!

  2. That is so incredible! Why am I always "surprised" when I read stories like this??? I shouldn't be! God is in the business of stuff like this ALL THE TIME but it sure is awesome that He lets us "in" on what He's doing sometimes! :)

  3. God's pretty cool that way, isn't he?!

  4. Jen, this is so beautiful:) I believe we are put in the right place, at the right time, in the right moment to make a difference.

    I'm working on a post and would like to reference this if I may?

    We do not always know the ways we are to be used!!
    Hugs to your family!!

  5. Isn't God amazing?! He opens doors and provides opportunities that we would never be able to orchestrate. Thanks for being the knowledge and support for Hansina, I know that she is appreciating every bit of it. I am so glad that she has the Sisterhood for support as well. I am praying that they get their court date this week and are able to bring Liam home soon. What a great Thanksgiving this will be for their family.

  6. How amazing, and beautiful. God is always there...
    Sophia is just beautiful. God bless her.
    And blessings to your friends adopting, what an awesome and moving decision on their part.

  7. WOW! God is so awesome and moves in amazing ways doesnt he?

  8. Our God is an AWESOME God indeed! How exciting for little Liam!!!!

  9. That totally gave me CHILLS. That's amazing! But then, God never fails to amaze me. All the time.

  10. God's ways are only mysterious to us. But I have to say, this one isn't so mysterious. It's pretty in-your-face cool! Ask as you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened unto you...
    LOVE THIS!! My mother has had cataract surgery also, and it was pretty easy and straight-forward. Prayers that Liam will see the same success.
    You are truly an inspiration to us all, Jen. Lives are being saved. That's big. Love you!

  11. I just love divine appointments! God is amazing, having two families meet in order to get information to another family and put their mind at rest. Thanks for not being afraid to step out and ask.