Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ripple in the Pond Continues...

...and another little girl's life is going to be saved.

Embracing Life's Journey


  1. So excited! Feeling thankful for the Ds/RR Blogging Sisterhood. We are all so lucky to have found one another. Individually, our experiences are important. Together, our stories are changing lives.

  2. BELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Jennifer, this is Lisa, I saw you at the circus on Sunday (we first met at the DS conference) and got to meet beautiful Sofia.. I shared your story with many people, what a wonderful life you are giving her. On another note, I was also reading a bit of your blog and came across the Insitutes of Human Potential.. and wondered how you came about them? I am always looking for ways to help our little Avery and this sounded very interesting. We do travel to New York every 2 months to see my family so I'd be interested in possibly visiting the Institute. I am going to email them for more info but wanted to get your thoughts and thank you for your post as I have never heard of them before.. your family is beautiful! Lisa Miller