Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding, Anyone?

In the course of an hour walk, we saw at least a dozen brides if not more (we seriously lost count!) at the historic park across the street from our apartment in Kiev. When we saw the first one, we were so excited...oh, look someone is getting married! And then we saw another...and another...and another. It got quite comical.  In fact, it was a parade of brides in the park. It was at least 90 degrees at around 3pm and everywhere we turned we saw a different white dress with a sweaty groom attached. LOTS of champagne bottles popping, too. The occasional blushing bride. Even a bridezilla pouting and stomping her feet at her photographer. It was hilarious! It seems that in Ukraine it is customary to get married in the church and then to take a pilgrimage to the park and make an offering of flowers to the eternal flame monument overlooking the Dniper River.

And then, after the photo op, you head in one of these to a nearby restaurant for the after party!

Cheers to all the beautiful Ukrainian brides!


  1. Love it! Now you know how to plan for Sofia's wedding in McKinley Park ;-)

  2. Just arrived in Kiev! Yeah! Appt tomorrow. So happy you have Sofia now.

  3. Are you here tomorrow in Kiev still? We are hopefully meeting at TGIF's?? (Tuesday) at some point. My email:

  4. Hahaha I understand what you mean. When I was in Ukraine visiting my grandparents a two years ago we went to the historic village in L'viv and saw at least 23 wedding parties!! I'm not kidding!!