Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snapshots of Our Day

There are goats everywhere around town and since day one we have been trying to get a good photo of one and it has been avoiding us but today I think we finally took a decent one.

A neighbor died of a heart attack this morning, our landlady was very sad. And yes, this is what the ambulances look like here.

This is our daily walk back and forth twice a day. On the other side of this wall there are some pretty fancy houses, right across from the orphanage. We wonder who lives here, perhaps something to do with the Urkaine soccer team.

We love the red head!

We are still letting Sofia sleep during our visit, but not for 2 hours straight. We wake her up way before we come back and so far we haven't gotten in trouble again.

Playing Peekaboo!


  1. Not long and your beautiful girl will have the luxury of sleeping whenever she wants to during the day :) And three brothers to fight over her!

  2. ps it is Wednesday night here, and has been a beautiful day here. Thinking of you and hoping the court date is a breeze and you can get out of there :)

  3. precious peek a boo pictures and interesting shot of the bibs(?) hanging to dry, that is really cool. Can't wait for you all to get home and settled with you new little princess

  4. Jen, you and I met late last year when you hosted a shower for our favorite PT. After realizing I knew the "mommy" who was "Saving Sofia", I have followed your blog from the beginning. Depending on the day, your posts have brought a big smile to my face, or tears in my eyes. Sofia has been given the gift of two parents who will care for her the rest of her life. In my eyes, you have been given two gifts. The first is your beautiful girl and the second is a story. I hope that your experience will encourage others to consider adopting these special people. They do not deserve to spend one more minute living without the love and touch of a parent. I have sent your blog to everyone I know, in hopes that someone will see that they too can change a life. Congratulations on your new daughter.

  5. Love the photos! Yes, that little redhead would fit right in as Greta's little sister :-) Cute pic!

  6. LOL! Monica, carrot head is actually a boy, here boys wear pink and girls wear blue and viceversa, it is confusing, but I think they all share all the cloths equally!

  7. Hey guys I was wondering if you know that there is a way to support/help these orphanages by sending them donations of supplies whether it be diapers or blankets or anything????

    Great pics today.