Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love for Liam

Can you believe this? 

Liam is being adopted by a local family who learned about Reece's Rainbow from our story in the local newspaper.

I'm overjoyed for this family and to be a small part of this is just an honor. Liam will be welcomed with open arms into our community here in the Sacramento area.  I think this makes close to 20 little children with DS all under the age of 3 all within 10-15 miles of each other (and those are just the few that we know of!)

Please go visit and follow little Liam's journey home...what a love! Liam will be Hansina and Mark's sixth child, their second adopted child and their first child with Down syndrome. Oh, they have no idea how much more blessed their lives will be with Liam in it! I also can't wait for Sofia and Liam to meet...our little Ukrainian angels! And by the looks of this handsome boy...Sofia could be a distant relative!!!

Love For Liam


  1. can i just say..i love this blog.

  2. He is so beautiful! God's masterful xreation ! Love and hugs! Anne

  3. Oh what a handsome little guy. We'll definitely welcome him with open arms :-)

  4. That is such exciting news!!! What a great way for me to start my day :o) Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  5. That is such a wonderful story!!!!! God is sooo amazing!!

  6. Thank you, my friend, for posting this! I can't wait to bring Liam home and hang out with all the other mommies and little angels (especially Sofia!)

  7. What a cute, little guy! How amazing that his family found him through the story about your journey to Sofia. Praise God!