Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Fiscal Year

I got the dreaded call today from Joaquin and Joey's physical therapist. All therapies are cancelled today since she has not received authorization yet from the Regional Center for the new fiscal year which starts today July 1st. Our PT feels she will get the authorization and not to worry just yet but I can't help but be concerned. These boys needs their therapies.

I will be sending my letter to the State of California today. This is not good.


  1. I hope they get the o.k. for you to continue therapy soon.

  2. Not good is putting it mildly! We are having our own headaches in Illinois. Why is it that it's ok to waste money on so many unimportant things, but when it comes to people with disabilities, "I'm sorry, the money isn't there". It makes me so angry that I work up tears. I must admit I feel a little guilty that I never got worked up about these kind of issues prior to having Lily. Guess that makes it my job to educate others.

    I hope everything works out...and SOON!

  3. We got our PT appointment today Thursday so for now all is good. Let's hope it stays this way!

  4. Is California's horrible budget going to affect services there?