Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time for Tubes

Joaquin is scheduled to have ear tubes placed the middle of November. It is an outpatient surgical procedure and he will be under anesthesia for about 20 minutes. None of our boys have ever had surgery, been hospitalized, casted or even stitched until now. It's a quick procedure and fairly simple but to think of my little baby boy in these circumstances breaks my heart. We won't be able to be in the room during the surgery but we will be allowed in immediately after in case he is disoriented. Even though I'm nervous as can be, it is good news and something we were hoping for as a solution for the fluid in his middle ear.

So....we no longer need to proceed with hearing aids. Good news since we learned recently that the little tiny hearing aids cost $2400 and insurance doesn't cover them. We saw the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor) today and she confirmed that Joaquin's ear canals are big enough for her to place the tiniest of tubes. During the procedure she will make a small incision in his ear drum which will allow her to clear his ears of any existing fluid. Then she will place the tubes which will allow any further fluid build up to drain properly. We are hoping this will eliminate any hearing loss Joaquin may have had since birth.

I will try and forget about the details of the procedure until it gets closer to the time. I function better that way. I know this is the best thing for him and that he'll be just fine. I thank God every day that this might be the only major health problem that Joaquin needs to face. I know we are so very lucky that way.


  1. God willing, the surgery is going to be successful and Joaquin is going to do great ~ .

  2. Bridget had tubes last fall, when she was 15 months old. She did very well with the procedure, which was over (literally) in minutes. I was sent to the waiting room as she was taken back to the operating room. I didn't even finish the article I was reading in a magazine before they came to get me to tell me it was over and that she did great.

    I was concerned about how she would do just after waking up (if she would be in pain, or really out of it). She was groggy, but good :). It took about 1/2 hour before she was awake enough to try to drink something. We came home about an hour and 1/2 after the surgery and had a very normal rest of the day. The "tubes" are tiny if you have not seen them already. Also, they work :). He truly will be just fine...