Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is our family of spiders- The Red Spiderman is Diego, The Black Spiderman is Mateo and of course the spider is Joaquin. By the way, I'm truly afraid of spiders....huge case of arachnophobia! It's so ironic that I have a household of boys who are obsessed with them. Diego really wants me to dress up as Mary Jane on Halloween night and he wants Hector to be Peter Parker....we'll see!


  1. OH MY GOSH......they are SOOO cute! Those are my 3 favorite spiders of all time!!!! I love the pouty lipped spider picture of Joaquin in the middle...too, too cute, those pictures made my heart smile!

  2. Beautiful pictures. In the 2nd picture of Jouquin he looks like he's giving you the rasberries. :-)
    In the third picture of Jouquin, it looks like he's thinking, "ok, enough". They're adorable. I bet the boys are counting the days to Halloween.

  3. I created a blog because your blog inspired me and my family! Your boys are so cute!!!! I hope that we can learn from more people like you!!!