Thursday, January 13, 2011

IEP Date is Set...Preschool Here We Come!

Our IEP (Individualized Education Plan/Program)date is set and we are getting ready for it! February 1st at 9AM...the day before Joaquin turns 3!!! Way to cut it close!

We have visited the program we were most interested in and that has been recommended for him by the school district and it looks like a perfect fit right now. It's a special day program preschool that is therapy intensive and has teacher/student ratio or 1:2 right now!  He will go 4 days a week for about 3 hours. They work on EVERYTHING from numbers, letters, phonics, speech, feeding self, potty training, fine motor, gross motor, socialization, handwriting without tears, colors, routines, EVERYTHING! They also spend a little time each day with the full inclusion preschool to observe and practice in that environment. The head teacher is AMAZING and ADORABLE...two prerequisites that all preschool teachers I think should have and it helps that she is young, energetic, motivated and highly educated. She has her teaching credential, early childhood education degree and a masters in special education. She runs the program with a great speech and language pathologist and then there is one more teacher's aid in the class. They will work on sensory issues, OT, PT, ST and some oral motor work. He may even take the BUS to and from preschool! WOW!

We have yet to see what more they may offer us and we do plan on asking for a few other things and we will continue to pay for private music therapy but I'm just thrilled with this next step! It's also perfect because we are starting mid-school year so we can reevaluate when the fall comes and see if he is ready for a few days in the full inclusion preschool next door. Joaquin has a few years of preschool ahead so we will work towards a goal of getting into a 5 day a week full inclusion preschool before Kindergarten!

Here is a short video of our littlest boy. And when I say little I mean tiny. VERY petite little boy. His sister is going to pass him up pretty soon!

Joaquin Being Cute!

I gave him a pre-birthday haircut today (all by myself!) so he'll be all set for preschool in February! He is such a sweet and funny little boy. He truly is the sunshine in our family!


  1. Sounds like a great class!!! He's gonna love being around all the kids. Let me know if you have any questions about the IEP- We've had plenty!!!
    With love,

  2. OMG! That video is the CUTEST! Joachin is doing wo well! He will love Preschool, I am so so happy for you that you found a program you and he like, that you feel good about! RELIEF!!!!

  3. LOVE this video...I just want to squeeze him! I can't believe what a big boy he is already. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in my parents house when Madi was 3 months old and Joaquin was not even 1 yet. Wow time has flown by and he has only gotten sweeter!!

  4. sooo cute! i can't believe how big he has gotten! hope that school goes well!! and loved watching your interview :)

  5. Oh my goodness. That was so cute!!!!! Can't wait to meet him :)

  6. i love his big boy haircut - you did a great job :) adorable song, by the way!!!