Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guess What We Got?

The OFFICIAL T21 Traveling Afghan!!!

John Michael dropped it off yesterday and we are thrilled to have a few days to enjoy this amazing little blanket. So special!

Read more about this afghan and sign up if you haven't already. We will be passing it on to Baby Joey and then Miss Gabby. Thank goodness for the mid-August chill we've been getting here in Sacramento. Makes us all want to get cozy with the blanket!


  1. Look how happy they are! I can't wait to get the afghan.
    BTW, I know I told you I wanted a shirt and left the size up to you, but I gave you no other info. Like an address or Hello, Funds! That was brilliant on my part!
    Should I e-mail the info?

  2. No worries...that is awesome they are sold out! They are adorable and all the kids look so cute in them. We can wait for the next round. That's what I get for being slow on the ordering! :) Take care!

  3. cute! We can't wait. Let's schedule a paydate soon :)

  4. You got some really cute pics of our boys! LOVE IT! I think the August chill is gone, though...

  5. We can't wait to get the afghan!

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Cute pics of the boys! If you have more onesies we would love to buy one. I'm torn on size because Myles is 13 months, but only 15lbs. Please email me,