Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Honey Bear

Honey Bear....I love you!!!!

Joaquin can drink from a straw! Yahoo! Thanks to the Honey Bear Sippy Cup. We are so excited!

It just took being consistent. We've had this thing around our house for a long time but I just didn't give it the effort and consistency that Joaquin needs. After one week of working with it, basically squeezing the bear so that Joaquin knew it had liquid in it and then waiting for him to close his mouth around the opening, he figured out how to sip a straw!

Another milestone to celebrate! One step closer to weaning!


  1. Ooh thanks for posting this! I keep telling myself that Im going to order it, but then I dont. Im glad to hear of Joaquin's success with it! It's the motivation that I needed : )

  2. Woooo hoooo, Joaquin. Awesome! We missed you this morning.

  3. That's great and also gives me motivation to be more consistent about trying the honey bear!

  4. yes, we did miss you this morning!

    Okay, I need to try the honeybear! Thanks for the motivation ;)

  5. Hurray, Joaquin! So great!

  6. ok this is scary,, we had the honey bear at our house too for months and Luke just got it this week too!!

    Also he began to sign more and milk. The boys are so close huh?

    I recommend the plastic bib-LOL

  7. Yay to go Joaquin! Lillian is now drinking through a straw also only because i decided to be consistent with her too! I used a cup similar to the honey bear, but everyone else that I know uses Honey Bear also!

  8. We just bought one of these after attending a "mini" workshop at the International Mosaic Down Syndrome Associations conference. Can't wait to try it out on my little monkey.

    Thanks for sharing.